Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a Mariachi Performance to Remember

By: Megan Flinn

HSVPA Mariachi Band

One of my favorite parts of working in public relations is the opportunity to experience our clients’ events and seeing the great work they do first-hand. Whether it is attending an opera performance, a dog-jumping competition, or in this case, watching an amazing mariachi band, there is always plenty of inspiration, and never a dull moment!

The renowned High School for the Performing and Visual Arts has two of their own traditional mariachi bands—Advanced (Mariachi los Pasajeros) and Intermediate (Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco), among the many talented student performing arts groups at the school. Students in the mariachi bands are trained to play their instruments (including guitars, violins and trumpets) classically while also learning the various styles of mariachi music—in addition to singing. These students spend three hours every day in rigorous study in this art discipline, while also attending academic classes. Continue reading “Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a Mariachi Performance to Remember”

Making a Mark with Art

By: Kim Tarleton

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and that also means the 25th Annual Making A Mark ® Opening Exhibit Celebration. Each year children with cancer and blood disorders and their siblings share their experience through art which is displayed in The Periwinkle Foundation’s Marking A Mark art exhibit.  I had the chance to attend the opening of the exhibit on Saturday, Sept. 12 and to see more than 350 pieces of colorful art completely covering the Auxiliary Bridge at Texas Children’s Hospital was breathtaking. Visiting with the artists was super fun and I loved seeing how proud they were of their masterpieces.


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