This One Habit is Key to Great Communication: Are You Curious?

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein

Curiosity is a core value at Elmore PR. It is the discipline we use to accelerate our understanding of our colleagues, our clients, and their audiences.

In our inaugural e-newsletter, we shared that empathetic listening fosters connection. But that’s only part of the equation. Being curious, or asking the right questions, is just as essential in getting to the heart of a client’s goals.

Current and potential clients often come to us with challenges they hope strategic communications will help solve. That is our sweet spot! But before Elmore PR can develop a communications plan and shape messaging, we must have a deeper understanding of the issues and goals at hand. It is imperative we ask questions, and the right ones.

To get to the “why,” we are insistent upon learning:

  • What is at the heart of the request/statement/observation?
  • What is the desired outcome?
  • Who benefits from this campaign/product/service/information?
  • What might the objections be and from whom?
  • What assumptions are we making and what are they based on?
  • Are there sensitivities (political, cultural, business, personal) to consider?
  • Who are the other players involved (internally or externally) who have a stake in the initiative?

Practicing curiosity ensures that from the get-go, we are fully informed, with the big picture guiding us as we apply our experience to strategy, and strategy to tactics.

We are intentional about building a team comprised of exceptional communicators, of course, but also of curious thinkers. All the inquisitive people we have the pleasure of working or doing business with:

  • They assess every circumstance by studying the way things are, the way things are not, and asking themselves “why”?
  • Collaborate well. They genuinely value the opportunity to engage with and learn from others with unique perspectives.
  • Are creative. They are not content with the status quo and see challenges as opportunities to solve problems in new ways.
  • Can read a room. They have a keen ability to distinguish when to ask questions, when to speak up and demonstrate their expertise, and when to listen.
  • Are always learning, reading, and absorbing the world around them. They know they do not know everything and have an insatiable appetite to expand their understanding of a wide range of topics.

Curiosity begets innovation. And innovation is critical for survival, especially for businesses trying to make it during a global pandemic. By reassessing, questioning, and digging deeper as appropriate, Elmore PR offers communications strategies which are agile, flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our clients and their audiences.

If you are curious about Elmore PR and how we can support your communications needs, please get in touch at or via our contact page.