25 Years of Elmore PR: 2010

2017 is a big year for Elmore Public Relations—we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary! For the past 25 years, our agency has been working with numerous clients to help them achieve their goals, or as we say – connecting strategy, expertise and results. Each week we’re highlighting a year of Elmore PR.

Last week, we hosted a special Q+A session with our dear friend and Elmore PR client, Karen Webb of Fund for Teachers. This week we dive into 2010—our 10th year partnering with Career and Recovery Resources (CRR) on its Barrier Breaker Award Luncheon.

CRR is a United Way of Greater Houston, multi-service agency dedicated to helping people identify and overcome barriers to employment. The agency offers computer training, literacy education, career counseling and testing, job placement assistance, housing support for veterans, and substance abuse treatment and prevention education services.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Chairman of Chase Bank of Texas and 2004 Barrier Breaker Award honoree Marc J. Sharpiro

CRR came onboard as a client in 2001 and has been one of longest running client projects (we just wrapped up their 21st Barrier Breaker Award Luncheon in June)! Throughout the years, many Elmore PR staff have helped Dr. Vern Swisher and his team earn media coverage promoting luncheon honorees and a few of its star clients leading up to and after the luncheons.

Board of Directors and Star clients during the 14th Annual Barrier Breaker Awards Luncheon

Each year, CRR hosts its annual luncheon and highlights several STAR clients—individuals who have overcome barriers in their lives. At the luncheon, CRR also honors leaders in the community who are supporting the CRR mission. In 2010, CRR celebrated its 14th luncheon where they honored Anita and Gerald Smith for their community leadership and civic activities. Additionally, CRR honored three STAR clients who overcame alcohol and drug addictions, secured employment and were leading productive lives. Most recently, CRR celebrated its 21st luncheon in June with honorees Mayor Sylvester Turner, former County Judge Robert Eckels as well as four STAR clients who were recognized.

Dr. Vern Swisher, CEO of Career and Recovery Resources, making the opening remarks at the 2013 Barrier Breaker Award Luncheon.

Working alongside Dr. Swisher and the Career and Recovery Resources team has been such a privilege for our team. Seeing the impact that they have on the community is inspiring. We’re looking forward to working with the team next year for another successful luncheon!

Check back next Thursday as it is a very special week for us! A few of our past Elmore PR teammates are making a special guest appearance on the blog and will recap some of their favorite memories from their time on West Saulnier Street.