A Friendly Dog, a Not-So-Friendly Air Conditioner, and a Ton of Fun!

By: Trinady Joslin

Walking into Elmore PR, I had no idea what to expect. I graduated high school a month prior and had no experience with working in a professional business environment. Armed with a notebook and a pen, I was greeted at the door by Susan and, to my delight and surprise, Dora! Seeing the smile on Susan’s face and the wag of Dora’s tail immediately told me that not only would this be the introduction into the world of PR I was looking for, but an experience filled with laughter, kindness, and new friendships.

Over the course of two weeks, I learned about a lot of different tools used in public relations and how much preparation goes in to getting everything ready behind the scenes. I worked on everything from media alerts and lists, to general office upkeep.

A task I especially enjoyed involved researching social media influencers and recording their contact information and engagement. I never thought I would be asked to spend most of the day on Instagram and it be a part of my job! While off-site, I was able to attend client meetings, tour Ronald McDonald House Houston’s Holcombe House facility and sit in while one of our clients was being interviewed for a TV broadcast!

Even though my time at Elmore was short, it was sweet. All of the members of the team made me feel like I was one of them as soon as I came in on Monday morning. They answered my endless questions, filled me in on background information so I could be involved in current conversations, and invited me out to eat after work.

I learned so much in the two weeks I was at Elmore PR, it was easily the best crash course I have ever taken. Even if it means wearing a jacket and tights in the summer to survive the overactive air conditioner, I can’t wait to come back and visit everyone and learn a few more tricks from the group of girls I’m happy to call my friends.