How many total years in the industry? When did you start at Elmore PR? I started my PR career with a small agency in 2002.  Since then, I have worked in special events and as part of an in-house marketing department.  I started with Elmore PR in March 2017.

What’s your weapon in business environment? I think balance is my weapon in business.  I am always looking for that perfect spot where creativity and strategy meet.

What do you love? Nature and the outdoors.  Camping, hiking or just watching the birds in my backyard is my favorite way to unwind.  For years, I volunteered with a wildlife rescue center in my home state of Missouri, and getting to handfeed baby squirrels and opossums or take a duck out for his evening swim was my dream come true.

What is your funniest PR experience? It wasn’t funny at the time, but I had an interesting experience when my coworker and I were attending an outdoor festival on behalf of one of our clients in order to hand out information and giveaways.  A thunderstorm suddenly rolled in and we were both scrambling to grab brochures a gust of wind had blown away.  We had just gathered up all the brochures only to have our tent ripped from the ground and blown across the field.  That’s pretty much when we decided to call it day.

What’s a surprising fact or anecdote? My family and I lived in Costa Rica for a year. While hiking at one of the national parks, we were chased down the trail and all the way to the parking lot by a howler monkey.  It was definitely one of our most memorable adventures.

What is your guilty pleasure? Staying up really late and watching what I want on TV or online shopping – probably also while eating chocolate.