Best. Decision. Ever.

By: Norma Diaz

I started interning for Elmore PR in April. (Best. Decision. Ever.) Prior to interning here, I worked remotely as a PR assistant for a fashion company, but had no real agency experience. I was overjoyed when I was offered the intern position. Not only because of the company’s involvement with the community, but also because of their company culture.

Over the past three months, I’ve been a part of some pretty neat projects. I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients like Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Discovery Green, and Midway. It’s impressive to see how the account managers and their teams quickly shift gears with every client and devote their undivided attention to them. One of the many things I love about Elmore, and public relations overall, is how there is no such thing as a typical day. I like having structure in the workplace, but doing the same thing day after day is just not my cup of tea.Blogger-Daily Craving

One of my favorite projects was a fashion blogger event I helped put together for our client Midway at their GreenStreet location in May. In the “Green with Envy” event, bloggers were invited to style Free Press Summer Fest inspired outfits from two stores at GreenStreet – Forever 21 and BCBG. I personally contacted 29 fashion bloggers, and 24 RSVP’d to the event! The event had to be rescheduled for the following week due to the Memorial Day flooding. It was a great learning experience to see the client and the account manager, Jennie, react so quickly.

I was psyched the day of the event, but a bit nervous as well. I was curious to see it all come together, to watch the bloggers interact with one another and see their response to the event itself. In the end, the event was a hit! In the weeks that followed, we saw positive reviews and social media mentions by the bloggers. The client was so pleased with the result that they are considering a second “Green with Envy” fashion blogger event!

Being an intern can be intimidating and scary, but the team at Elmore PR have made my internship a great learning experience.

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