Birthing a Book

By: Claudia Morlan

Buffalo Bayou Park has an incredible history. By being a part of the editorial team of Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s book From Rendering to Reality: The Story of Buffalo Bayou Park, I learned some little known history of this park and area. Did you know that Buffalo Bayou’s name may have originated from the bison or maybe from the “buffalo fish” which once swam the waters?

Through the editorial process, I was inspired by how passionately its proponents preserved, improved and advocated for this park. Over a period of nearly two years, I saw the inner workings of how a book comes together from cover to cover!

If you love this park, you’ll want to check it out. Authors Sandra Cook, Anne Olson and David Theis unfold the story in a compelling way. Along with Pentagram Austin’s design and photography by Jim Olive, Katya Horner and others, the story comes vividly to life.

Nature lovers, there is a nifty (and carefully curated) pocket guide to the park’s birds and plants. Get your copy of From Rendering to Reality at and join us at Brazos Bookstore for the commemorative book unveiling on June 27.

Fun fact: Sam Houston owned a 30-acre spread of what is now Dallas and Taft streets (just yards from our Elmore PR offices on W. Saulnier)!