Now Hiring!

Elmore PR is hiring staff and consultants! We are a 27-year old company with clients in a wide variety of industries. We are offer competitive pay commensurate with experience and good benefits. Here are the areas of expertise we are seeking:

Community Outreach – Senior Account Manager
We are seeking seasoned communications professionals who have experience with the following:

  1. Developing and implementing community engagement strategies
  2. Have a good understanding of local governments and community advocacy
  3. Developing a public education campaign
  4. Working with subject-matter experts to share information with the general public

Community Outreach – Assistant Account Manager
Further, we are seeking strong communications project managers to execute the following:

  1. Plan community meetings
  2. Document public engagement
  3. Content development for meetings, print, web, social, email
  4. Production of materials

Account Manager
Lastly, we are seeking communications professionals with strong experience in:

  1. Leading a team in the strategic public relations and marketing planning process
  2. Developing media relations strategies for a variety of clients
  3. Understanding social media and influencer marketing strategy and instructing others to implement it
  4. Identifying strategically beneficial, third-party relationships, such as media sponsorship opportunities or marketing partnerships, and developing the strategy to secure involvement

All candidates should email