Tingly Happiness at Periwinkle Camp

By: Kim Tarleton

It’s been years since my own camp experience, but attending Camp Periwinkle this month reminded me of the magic of summer camp. It was my first visit to Camp Periwinkle, hosted by our nonprofit client The Periwinkle Foundation every summer for children ages 7 to 15 with cancer and blood disorders who are receiving treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital. Continue reading “Tingly Happiness at Periwinkle Camp”

Actually, it is all about strategy and communications

By: Susan Elmore

There was a great piece on Houston Public Media some time ago that still resonates with me. It was about word choices being a strong predictor for dating success. Who knew the secret is in the pronouns! The piece touched on something that I noticed years ago and practice daily. When writing an email the first draft is what I want to say: “I’m writing to request a meeting…”, “I’m writing to thank you…” Sometimes there are four or five uses of the word “I”. Next, I edit the email to remove as much “me-ness” as possible. Yes, I am writing to ask for something, but instead of stating my needs, I try to flip it and start with a reason that benefits my reader. Continue reading “Actually, it is all about strategy and communications”