Tingly Happiness at Periwinkle Camp

By: Kim Tarleton

It’s been years since my own camp experience, but attending Camp Periwinkle this month reminded me of the magic of summer camp. It was my first visit to Camp Periwinkle, hosted by our nonprofit client The Periwinkle Foundation every summer for children ages 7 to 15 with cancer and blood disorders who are receiving treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital.

When I walked into the dining hall at the camp facilities out near Burton, Texas on Wednesday, Aug 5 I could feel the energy, see the joy in the faces of the campers, volunteers, and staff, and it gave me a tingly feeling of happiness deep in my gut.

Just one week of camp for these pediatric cancer patients and their siblings makes a tremendous and lifelong impact. This is their opportunity to build confidence and friendships and, truly, just be kids. Without hospitals, doctors appointments, or treatments.

And the dedicated volunteers? Their passion to give the campers the best time of their lives is obvious. Many of them have volunteered at camp for five, 10, even 20+ years, and a lot of former campers come back as camp counselors.

Huge kudos go to the Periwinkle Foundation, and the generous donors that make camp possible, for organizing yet another special and successful camp. And a big thanks for inviting me along for the afternoon. I am so inspired by what you do and the life-changing experiences you offer these campers every year.