Our Approach

When you work with Elmore, you partner with a team of experienced and invested communications professionals who become an extension of your staff and dedicated stewards of your story.

Elmore believes in being a strategic partner, and we take pride in being nimble, positive, and responsive, bringing fresh new ideas and strategies to the table while never losing sight of where you have been and where you are looking to go next.

Whether you need specialized support for a short-term initiative or are looking to build a long-term relationship, our staff of specialists and strategists is ready to listen, understand, and ensure you achieve your communications goals.


Firm Services


We convene your leadership team and ours for a strategic planning session where we explore the news, needs, and next steps for the upcoming months and how we can all work together to achieve exciting results. From this session, we establish a framework plan, which serves as a guide for our combined team.

Communications Services

Led by thoughtfully-derived, strategy-based messaging, Elmore excels at producing creative, polished media and marketing materials. Press kits, press releases, talking points, blogs, web copy, feature articles, presentations—whatever the channel, we ensure the message hits its mark.

Media Relations

Media relations is the foundation of our business. We anticipate and understand the needs of reporters—from local and regional media to national and trade-specific outlets— delivering information to them in a way that is compelling, complete, and easy to feature.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is available for clients with an ongoing relationship with Elmore. Informed by decades of experience, our thinking and guidance provide valued support to clients during an active situation. Planning ahead is best practice and in doing so, we define the flow of communications, roles and responsibilities of the team, and key messaging.

Social Media

Social media may be the first or primary way audiences connect with an organization, and having a consistent, fitting, and engaging presence across platforms is essential. Elmore understands the steps involved in evaluating an organization’s audience and creating and executing a content strategy that resonates.

Influencer Relations

Whether you’re seeking a popular social media influencer who is cued into the trends important to your audience or a local leader with strong ties to the community, Elmore can connect your organization with these important voices to advance your message and mission.

Customer Relationship Management

Utilizing engaging content drafted by our specialists, Elmore defines a strategy and cadence for sharing news and information to your key stakeholders. With each distribution, we evaluate the audience engagement to refine future messaging.

Community Engagement

Elmore has deep expertise in managing sensitive or complex issues. We are well-versed in the nuances of working hand in hand with government representatives and key stakeholders, and we are skilled in uniting the goals of an organization with the needs of the community.

Spokesperson Training

Members of your own organization can often be the best voice to make an announcement or offer thought leadership to customers. With this training, we customize an approach and then coach your staff on interview tactics, instilling confidence for speaking to the media or public.

Meeting Facilitation

From creative brainstorming sessions to complex planning sessions, Elmore’s senior communications strategists lead your team through custom-designed meetings. We meet with you in advance to determine goals and outcomes, and then design a strategy for leading the group to achieve the desired results.

Account Management

Elmore has developed a tried-and-true system of discovery, meeting scheduling, project management protocols, and review and evaluation of success. Roles and expectations are always clear and concise, and a well-established plan of action keeps everyone moving forward together.

Executive Communications

Your CEO is your company’s biggest influencer. From engaging employees and building alignment with your company’s vision and values, to demonstrating thought leadership, Elmore will create an executive communications strategy that resonates with your target internal and external audiences.

Employee Communications

Elmore partners with you to create communications that inform, inspire and engage employees — either on an ongoing basis or to support a particular initiative or milestone. We review your current communications ecosystem, learn more about your workforce and develop a strategy that will achieve your communications goals.

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