Our Culture

The individual talents, expertise, and interests of each Elmore staff member form a collaborative team where everyone shines. While utilizing the contributions everyone brings to the table, we also find cohesiveness through four shared values which the entire Elmore team applies in the daily approach to their work.


Through thoughtful, active listening, we learn what to communicate and how to do so effectively.


When we work with our clients and partners, we take in information, cut through the clutter, and distill it into clear, understandable points.


We ask questions—and the right ones at that. We insist upon taking the time to learn so we gain the context needed to do our work effectively.


We proactively share our expertise and knowledge to benefit each other and our clients. Through our words and actions, we are deliberate in lifting others up and creating a culture of goodwill.

The Elmore Experience

Elmore is its team. As such, there are thoughtful and diligent efforts around supporting the growth and professional development of each team member throughout every stage of their career. A hallmark of Elmore is the practice of “active listening.” This tactic involves the listener repeating back in their own words what they heard a speaker say, ensuring the speaker feels they have been heard and understood and that the listener is secure in their grasp of what was shared. At Elmore, we use active listening with our clients and each other. To further improve internal communication, we incorporate tools such as the DiSC personality assessment to understand how best to communicate with each other. The management team encourages staff members to seek out and

that support their growth in the field of communications. Elmore has an active presence in the Houston chapter of PRSA and our team enjoys membership in other professional organizations as well. Team members are provided opportunities to participate in seminars and courses to develop areas of interest and often share what they learned with the full team.

Elmore has a well-developed protocol for yearly reviews and expectations for advancement. On a day-to-day level, all team members participate in weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with upper management to share successes, seek advice, and simply connect on their work and goals.

Quarterly Chaos

Each quarter, the team at Elmore spends a day together socializing and connecting with each other out of the office. This always-anticipated tradition is known as our Quarterly Chaos. Envisioned and planned by employees, it features activities such as trivia competitions and art or cooking courses. And of course, like all socially-active Houstonians, the day’s group lunch includes checking out one of Houston’s hottest dining options.

Meet the

The Elmore team is large enough to give clients a meaningful depth and diversity of expertise, while sized to make every account a top priority. Account teams are comprised to pool everyone’s strengths to their greatest potential. Team members work closely with the client and each other to foster a genuine relationship of trust, cooperation, and shared enthusiasm.

Elmore Staff

Angela Roland

Operations Manager

Carol Brejot

Senior Consultant

Cynthia Hurrington

Senior Communications Strategist

Delicia Harvey

Senior Communications Strategist

Elizabeth Hurt

Senior Consultant

Jennie Roberts

Vice President and Senior Communications Strategist

Jennifer Brandino

Director of Employee Relations and Engagement and Senior Communications Strategist

Jennifer Jordan

Project Director and Senior Communications Strategist

Judge Gwyn

Communications Strategist

Matthew Yoder

Communications Specialist

Mireya Reyna

Communications Strategist

Murphie Mendez

Communications Strategist

Skylar Smith

Communications Specialist

Stephanie Parker

Senior Communications Strategist

Susan Elmore

President and Senior Communications Strategist


Open positions:

We are always looking to add talented individuals to our team.

To be added to our pool of applicants, submit your resume and

any supporting materials to resume@elmorepr.com.

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