Houston Art Bike Parade and Festival – Influencers Campaign

The Second Annual Houston Art Bike Parade and Festival, presented by Houston Parks Board and the Orange Show for Visionary Art at MacGregor Park, was a city-wide art and culture celebration that brought together community members, school and youth programs, and city officials to explore creativity, promote health and wellness, and celebrate the artist in everyone. During the parade, Houstonians from around the city joined together to cheer on Art Bike Parade participants, and some even designed Art Bikes of their own.

Elmore collaborated with our client, Houston Parks Board, to manage the influencer relations portion of the promotional strategy. We engaged with recognized influencers to help promote the event and establish the Art Bike Parade and Festival as a “must-attend” celebration for families, cyclists, and creatives across the Houston area.

After in-depth research and analysis using our top-rated influencer relations management platform, Klear, Elmore helped secure four popular Houston lifestyle influencers that had a following that matched the demographics we were looking to target to promote the event.

Each influencer posted on their social channels a week before the event to help boost excitement and awareness. As our parade emcee, one of our influencers, Lala World, also posted during the event to bring even more attention to the day’s festivities.

These relationships resulted in more than 1,100 engagements and a reach of over 88,200. Working with these influencers also helped our client reach a new potential audience.

Connecting with these key influencers further increased Houston Parks Board’s ongoing social media followers by 1.2% from the previous month as a result of influencers tagging the organization in their promotional social posts.


Planning: 3 months
Implementation: 2 months


Campaign Planning
Social Media
Influencer Marketing


Participation of 4 Houston lifestyle influencers
15 Posts
Over 1.1K Engagements
Over 88.2k Reach

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