Senior Communications Strategist

A Senior Communications Strategist consistently exhibits strategic thinking with ease and proficiency; navigates gray areas well; adapts to client personalities; delegates well to team members; and possesses a breadth and depth of experience that translate into strong strategy guidance for the client. A Senior Communications Strategist demonstrates the ability to see various aspects and needs of a client’s account, and the interdependencies among them; exhibits strategic thinking; is able to drive work forward; leads effective meetings; and serves as a trusted advisor to the client.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Ability to interact and gain the trust of clients
  • Exhibit initiative in onboarding into and launching efforts supporting new sophisticated or complex clients
  • Build relationships with reporters, partners, and other community representatives that ultimately reflect well on the company and clients
  • Demonstrate commitment to industry, company, and clients by seeking and mastering industry knowledge and trends
  • Ability to think creatively and share creative ideas with clients
  • Identifies opportunities to expand client relationships through cross-servicing
  • Coordinate all assigned client accounts, ensuring quality, timeliness and client satisfaction
  • Supervise multiple account and project teams
  • Research, develop and execute complex public relations and marketing plans
  • Participate in the senior management team of clients, as needed
  • Conduct and facilitate media interviews
  • Secure and manage television and radio client appearances
  • Provide strategic input to client management and client services challenges and opportunities
  • Keep projects on schedule and on budget; update delegated tasks to ensure progress to deadlines
  • Participate in client contract renewals and estimate project fees
  • Lead the strategic public relations and marketing planning process with the client
  • Prepare, finalize strategic plans with client and implement the plans through effective utilization of client/team members
  • Understand the broader context of the client’s business objectives and goals, and anticipate needs or potential conflicts
  • Effectively delegate tasks while maintaining an overall high caliber of work product
  • When sensitive issues arise, bring immediately to the management team
  • Thorough understanding of media relations strategy and implementation for a single news item or a complete campaign
  • Thorough understanding of social media marketing strategy and implementation in support of a client’s brand, or in a specific campaign or promotion
  • Ability to identify strategically beneficial third-party relationships, such as media sponsorship opportunities or marketing partnerships, and develop a strategy to secure involvement
  • Analyze and document client services processes, developing solutions to enhance efficiencies
  • Support the CEO and management team in the marketing and online presence of the company
  • Actively participate in new business development
  • Possesses more than 12 years of relevant experience
  • Media relations experience required
  • Prior agency experience preferred
  • Strong writing skills required, proficiency in AP style
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrates Elmore’s core values of Listening, Clarity, Curiosity and Supportiveness with colleagues and clients

Salary is dependent upon experience. To apply for this position, email resume and a cover letter to

Interviews are by appointment only. No telephone calls, please. Finalist candidates will be asked to provide writing samples.

We encourage potential applicants to visit our website to learn more about our company culture, our team, and the clients we serve.