Accountability as a Business Practice

Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of trust and accountability. Friendships and intimate relationships thrive when each person feels heard and held. Connections flourish when expectations are established and met over and over again.
We believe the same is true in our professional relationships with our clients and colleagues. We want these relationships to be long-term and prosperous, made possible by sincere connection and confidence in us. When you are seeking a consultant, and especially in the case of a communications adviser who must understand your business and how you want your business to show up in the world, you need them to be an extension of your team. To achieve this, it requires compete trust in that relationship. For us, that trust is earned, in large part, by our commitment to accountability.

Best-selling author and lecturer Bob Proctor famously said, “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.” We are kept accountable by account management best practices including bringing detailed agendas to our meetings, delivering consistently on action items, and developing recap reports comparing our results to the goals we outlined together in prior strategic planning sessions and the resulting framework plan. Regular check-ins allow us to apprise our clients of campaign progress and fine-tune our strategies based on our clients’ updates.
Active listening is another way we remain accountable in our relationships day-in and day-out. By taking the time to listen empathetically, repeat what has been said and provide opportunity for clarification, we ensure everyone leaves a conversation or meeting on the same page, with the same expectations. By asking the right questions, we gain the context needed to do our work effectively.
These accountability measures are a key part of our success and result in a deepened trust in the client-agency relationship. As you seek opinions and guidance on a sensitive matter; as you impart confidential information before it is made public; and as you trust communications consultants to act as your representatives in meetings or with media, you want to have the utmost confidence in your partner. The trust imparted to us is a signal that we have earned the confidence of our partners. The most important indicator of our clients’ faith in our expertise and guidance is when they embrace and follow our strategic communications recommendations, and together we build a partnership that lasts for many years.
Having mutual trust is paramount, and accountability is the conduit by which we nurture that trust to accomplish communications goals together. If you are one of our partners, we are honored to have the opportunity to serve as a trusted member of your team. If you are not, we would love the opportunity to earn your trust.  

Elmore PR Recognized With Three PRSA Houston Excalibur Awards

Every year we look forward to the PRSA Houston Excalibur Awards where colleagues and peers gather to celebrate the public relations industry’s most innovative campaigns, tactics and leaders. The Excalibur Awards overflow with camaraderie and, you guessed it, recognition of the creativity and expertise of Houston’s corporate and agency public relations professionals.

This year, the 35th Annual PRSA Houston Excalibur Awards were held virtually on Thursday, October 1. Elmore PR was proud to take home honors for the following three campaigns:

“Publicizing the fight for affordable housing in Houston’s Third Ward,” for which Elmore PR penned an editorial on behalf of Kinder Foundation to promote the concerted effort of public, private and nonprofit organizations to increase the Third Ward’s inventory of affordable housing. The op-ed, “In the historic Third Ward, a fight for affordable housing [Opinion],” ran in the Houston Chronicle on November 27, 2019 and established Kinder Foundation CEO Nancy Kinder as a knowledgeable, invested leader on affordable housing in the Third Ward; provided history and context for the current state of the Third Ward’s affordable housing needs and progress; gave an encompassing view of past leaders’ visionary plans; enumerated the current initiatives underway; and provided a call to action for other organizations to join the efforts or use them as a model for their own community development. The op-ed reached an audience of nearly 890,000, had a publicity value of $193,320 and earned Elmore PR a Gold Excalibur Award in the “Editorial/Op-Ed” category.

“A Spectacular Success: Introducing Houston to the Inaugural Nutcracker Market Spring Spectacular,” for which Elmore Public Relations was charged with developing a public relations and influencer outreach plan to promote and introduce the Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market Spring Spectacular to, and generate buzz amongst, Houston media and shoppers. Using a combination of traditional media relations, social media and influencer engagement, Elmore PR earned more than $3 million in publicity, 41 million media impressions, 178,000 social impressions, and drove 18,150 shoppers to generate more than $600,000 for the Houston Ballet Foundation’s arts education initiatives. The campaign earned Elmore PR a Bronze Excalibur Award in the “Events and Observances” category.

“Announcing the Redevelopment of Brookfield Properties’ Houston Center,” for which Elmore Public Relations was employed to strategically publicize the announcement of Brookfield Properties’ plans to redevelop Houston Center, a four-building, mixed-use office campus in downtown Houston to commercial real estate media, current tenants and downtown stakeholders. Using media tours, internal communications and digital marketing, we earned more than $5 million in publicity coverage (including a feature in Forbes), and more importantly, continued engagement and developed further trust between Brookfield Properties and its current and prospective tenants. The efforts earned Elmore PR a Bronze Excalibur Award in the “Marketing Consumer Products & Services” category.

These campaigns join the dozens of others for which Elmore PR has won industry recognition over the last two decades. And whether our work is official honored by an industry authority or not, we pride ourselves on delivering thoughtful, strategic, award-caliber work to each and every one of our clients, every single day.


How and Why We Listen

by Susan Elmore


Building connection – between our clients and their audiences, between their objectives and our expertise, between their stories and the media interested in telling them – is what compelled me to start Elmore Public Relations more than 28 years ago.

Fostering connection is a powerful tool in storytelling. And it is through thoughtful, empathetic listening that I have found connection is most deeply made. Listening – moreover, active listening – is so important to me and my practice that it has become a core value of Elmore PR and the cornerstone of our success.

I am passionate about training our team to be expert active listeners. Whether with a colleague, a client, or a reporter, when we listen empathetically, we communicate effectively.

Universally and fundamentally, people want to feel heard and acknowledged. Active listening is reciprocal listening; it is how we honor a speaker’s reality to propel us toward a common goal.

Active listening requires one to:

  1. Come to a conversation with no assumptions and a mind clear of distractions;
  2. Focus on the speaker;
  3. Acknowledge and repeat back what you have heard to clarify or validate. (This is where our clients hear us respond with, “What I heard you say is…”);
  4. Allow the speaker to correct or add;
  5. Finally, show empathy and recognition of the speaker’s position.

Once a speaker feels their perspective has been understood, they are much more inclined to work collaboratively toward a solution, agreement, understanding, or resolution.

At Elmore PR, active listening is the tool by which clarity is attained, trust is built, relationships are forged, and tangible results are achieved. Win, win, win, win.



Now Hiring!

Elmore PR is hiring staff and consultants! We are a 27-year old company with clients in a wide variety of industries. We are offer competitive pay commensurate with experience and good benefits. Here are the areas of expertise we are seeking:

Community Outreach – Senior Account Manager
We are seeking seasoned communications professionals who have experience with the following:

  1. Developing and implementing community engagement strategies
  2. Have a good understanding of local governments and community advocacy
  3. Developing a public education campaign
  4. Working with subject-matter experts to share information with the general public

Community Outreach – Assistant Account Manager
Further, we are seeking strong communications project managers to execute the following:

  1. Plan community meetings
  2. Document public engagement
  3. Content development for meetings, print, web, social, email
  4. Production of materials

Account Manager
Lastly, we are seeking communications professionals with strong experience in:

  1. Leading a team in the strategic public relations and marketing planning process
  2. Developing media relations strategies for a variety of clients
  3. Understanding social media and influencer marketing strategy and instructing others to implement it
  4. Identifying strategically beneficial, third-party relationships, such as media sponsorship opportunities or marketing partnerships, and developing the strategy to secure involvement

All candidates should email

Elmore PR’s fabulous summer intern, Trinady, returns!

I’m baaaack!

When you last heard from me, I was a wide-eyed high school graduate and fresh off my first two week stint at Elmore PR. Now, after a year at the University of Texas (hook ‘em), I’m back and ready to dive headfirst into the exciting world of PR, back-to-back meetings and email chains taller than me!

This summer, in addition to working with a handful of clients, I’m taking over the EPR blog. While each member of the team is hard at work coordinating client relations, my focus will be relaying that information, and other cool stuff, here on the blog!

Specifically, I’ll be crafting posts over how we function as an agency, how we utilize both old and new techniques that are prevalent in the communications field, and what the team loves about working at EPR! Throughout all of this, we at EPR hope to provide you with a better understanding of who we are and what we value, as well as answer some questions you may have about the world of public relations.

While that’s all for now, be sure to check back in soon for our next post!

Now Hiring: Assistant Account Manager

Elmore Public Relations is a mid-size agency with more than 25 years of experience in connecting clients to individuals, businesses, and communities. Over the course of our rich history, we have represented clients in the arts; education; nonprofit; urban planning; and commercial and residential real estate industries.

We are currently looking to expand our growing team and are seeking a full-time Assistant Account Manager. As an Assistant Account Manager, you will support account teams through media relations, marketing, and social media efforts; liaise with assigned clients; be an active member of the internal client team; and provide input on strategic thinking.

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