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Have you ever considered the numerous channels by which your organization can disseminate information?

These “owned media” opportunities include your social media, website, newsletters, annual reports, marketing materials, internal memos and e-blasts, public notices, presentations, speeches, key messaging documents, talking points, and press releases…to name a few.

Leveraging these platforms to their full potential to tell your stories is a game changer for engaging audiences. Using the considerations below, you can elevate your brand by developing a robust content strategy customized to each of your owned channels.

Strategic content development is the most effective and controlled way to share your stories with your public. Whether you would like to showcase the good work your organization is doing, solicit feedback from a niche stakeholder group, or announce important news to the public, owned media is the first and best way to share your message, unadulterated.

Developing an effective content strategy with an integrated approach can be daunting, so consider tapping an outside partner to provide an unbiased perspective. They can work with you to determine the strategy and execute the content. To learn more, contact us to find out how Elmore, a trusted leader in content strategy development for more than 30 years, can help you.