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There are many reasons to book a media training session with Elmore. Our small-group sessions offer your team a chance to become comfortable in an interview setting, learn best practices for media interviews, hone delivery techniques, and rehearse how to confidently convey key messages before a big press push or public presentation.

Here is what to expect during your media training with Elmore:

A customized experience that is much less intimidating than you might expect! Our trainings are limited to four to six participants, and we go out of our way to make these small groups very comfortable with each other during the time we are together.

A review of key messages. Elmore and your team work collaboratively to identify the key messages an interviewee should convey based on your company’s upcoming news.

Role playing. Elmore will ask team members questions they are likely to receive from reporters. Customized to each participant’s role and expertise within the company, we start with basic questions and work up to those that may be more challenging to answer, because either the question or the answer is complicated or uncomfortable.

Techniques for blocking and bridging. Elmore’s job is to equip your team members to approach interviews with confidence. Blocking and bridging strategies empower the interviewee to take control of the interview and return to a preferred message, regardless of the interviewer’s question.

Opportunities for feedback. We conduct the mock interviews one-on-one. The interviews are recorded and then played back for observations. We’ll ask questions like, “What did you notice?” and “How did you feel?” This review is a chance to offer and receive positive reinforcement from your team members and feedback from Elmore on areas for improvement and areas of success.

Your team will walk away from our media training empowered to conduct interviews with confidence, assuring that your organization is well-represented by articulate and composed spokespeople. And we will walk away honored to have equipped your team to have productive, positive interactions with media.